AgriBusiness Weekend

Agribusiness Weekend

Agribusiness Weekend is a media platform we have specially created to focus on deep and engaging communication about agriculture-related information among Agricultural stakeholders across the value chain, Agropreneurs (Student/ Graduate) and non-agricultural stakeholders in Nigeria, Africa and other part of the world. Our goal is to Impact knowledge, create unprecedented awareness, behavioral change and Eradicate Poverty by using immersive TV, All Social Media platforms, Radio and storytelling; to inspire action, share success stories, campaigns, communicate relevant and life-enhancing information around pressing global developmental issues.

The media platform will also be focusing on Global Developmental Projects in Africa such as Agriculture, Nutrition, Women Development, and Community Development. It will be an information hub for relevant stakeholders while we bridge the gap in Africa’s Agriculture sectors and the rest of the world.

We will also be visiting Farms across Nigeria, share the challenges of our local farmers, discuss Government policy, innovation, Agribusiness funding opportunities. We will be using this platform to carve a niche from farm to table.

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