In defeating the barriers hindering Agric development in the country and the world at large, Corporate Farmers took it upon themselves to create an Agric e-learning platform to give a better understanding of the Agricultural world.

Our Agric e-learning platform is a viable approach to overcome the challenges of information and knowledge delivery. It is a Food and Agricultural technology based learning platform that gives our learners the opportunity for Agric education without the restrictions of time or location. This platform avails the opportunity for learners to access agricultural learning material at their convenience whilst working at their own pace. The advantage lies in the fact that training can be offered without the necessity for a physical classroom, as learners can learn anywhere where there is access to the Internet.

This Agric e-learning platform is also a means of increasing access to educational opportunities in rural areas and keeping pace with rapid changes within the agricultural sector.

All the learners can give experience to each other and they can share their knowledge from different locations and also can obtain new techniques from eminent instructors.

Another beautiful thing is at the end of every course, everyone who participates in any course will be awarded a certificate acceptable anywhere in the world.