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Founded in 2011 and incorporated by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2013 under Rc 1090359 with the aim of promoting and developing the business of Agriculture in Nigeria with extension to Africa.

Corporate Farmers emerged as a household name within the Agriculture and Agri-media sector in Nigeria and Africa, with over four years of providing innovative Agribusiness solutions to individuals, corporate organizations ie Nigeria Stock Exchange – small, medium and large, and government at state levels in Nigeria and on the African continent.

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Agro-tainment TV platform

Corporate Farmers Reality TV Show is the first Agribusiness and Agro-tainment TV platform with the objective of attracting the youth and corporate Nigeria get actively involved in Agriculture.

This concept is developed by the Corporate Farmers International Limited (CFIL) in partnership with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) to make Agriculture fun for the youth and in the liue of this, they can invest in Agriculture.

Our aim is to create an awareness campaign and advocacy to million of audience across Nigeria and Africa to encourage and attract them to Agriculture.  This a platform to learn and be informed with the latest development in Agriculture.

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Investor Relations

 Our partnership with the IITA to build a strategic relationship that will make investors see Agriculture Beyond food by integrating the five major pillars of a nation economy which

Training and consultation

With our collaboration with the IITA we offering State government, private sectors, pubic sector and individuals trainings and consultation services. This training will offer you

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